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Jack Ellery

Radio Jobs ... You can hope to get to New York, you can pray, you can do a lot ... and you might never get there. Or, you can learn from a man who has been there.

How long are you going to bang your head on the wall trying to find radio jobs? All too many people in radio have no clue how to get on-air work, or move up to a larger market. They blame stupid Program Directors or ungrateful General Managers. Ask yourself, "are you the next bright light on Broadway, or are you spinning your wheels?" Do you have a future as an on air radio personality? Who will tell you the truth? Not your friends, not your family. You need a pro to review your work, to critique your audition. It might save you a ton of time, money and effort.

If you think you have the 'right stuff', the next question is, "what do I do now to get better jobs in radio?" It's no shame to be new and inexperienced. It is inexcusable to do nothing about it as you search for radio jobs. Read the following excerpt from the book, "How to Get a Job in Radio' . It's free. .

Imus and Stern, Hannity and Limbaugh make millions. But, all too many will work for peanuts, if they can even get a job. Why? Because they just don't know the ins and outs. They run in circles. In this site there is information for those who are already in radio and for the novice. There is a better way to approach Program Directors. There is also a better way to do show prep, and to do the show itself.

You should be interested in finding out if you have the talent needed to make it in this business. Program Director, Jack Ellery (WWDB, Philadelphia) will listen to your work and give you the straight truth. You have to know whether or not this is the business for you. Radio jobs are getting tougher to find. Jobs in radio are disappearing at an alarming rate. If you read radio classified ads, and mags, you should, you know that radio advertising sales are down dramatically, and stations are cutting back on staff.

The consultant to this site is a 45 year veteran of broadcasting .  Jack Ellery, NJ Broadcaster Hall of Fame, has been an on-air personality at WOR, New York; WIP & WWDB in Philadelphia, WFLA, Tampa and at Greater Media's Heritage station, WCTC, in New Jersey. Now here's a great offer. Get Jack's best selling book, How to Get Jobs in Radio for just $7.99. This offer expires November 30 2014 This book normally sells for 24.99 on college campuses everywhere. But, there is a lot of information that is free in this website.

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We radio announcers are in a shrinking industry.  Radio jobs are disappearing. Automation is killing us. 

You who desire RADIO JOBS have to know what format you're best at, you have to be willing to relocate and most of all, you have to know how get a Program Director to listen to your audition.  Jobs in Radio are hard to come by, and sending auditions to Program Directors who just trash your audition is an absolute waste of time. You can help yourself a great deal by reading How to Get a Job in Radio.

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